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When you help to donate, you are helping to contribute to boosting the quality of all of the wonderful and magnificent animals here at the Racine Zoo. You realize that every little bit counts and are helping to make a difference. Your support not only affects the Zoo and making it the best it can be but also our community as well.

From now until April 2nd at Buffalo Wild Wings, when you make a purchase, part of the proceeds are donated towards the enrichment for the animals here at the Zoo. You have the option to print out the flyer or show an electronic version when completing your purchase. We truly appreciate any and all support that is donated,
We thank you for your generosity. And a Special thank you to Buffalo Wild Wings for working together with us to make the Racine Zoo the best it can be. 

Please Click the following links to download the fliers. Thank you!


                                                                    Buffalo Wild Wings   




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